Theme: “Novel Innovations and Advancement in Nursing and Healthcare” {CME CPD Credits available}

World Nursing Summit 2023

Renowned Speakers

World Nursing Summit 2023

Networking and Collaboration: The summit offers an excellent opportunity to present your research and ideas to experts and decision-makers in the nursing field. Engaging in discussions with these professionals can lead to potential collaborations and partnerships, fostering growth and innovation in your work.

Intellectual Stimulation: Interacting with a diverse group of knowledgeable individuals at the summit can help sharpen your mind and broaden your perspectives. The platform facilitates connections with other like-minded nursing professionals, allowing for stimulating discussions and the exchange of ideas.

Publication Opportunity: By participating in the conference, you have the chance to have your abstract or paper published in the conference proceedings. This exposure can enhance the visibility and recognition of your research, contributing to the advancement of nursing knowledge.

Inspirational Travel Experience: Attending the World Nursing Summit allows you to take a break from your daily routine and immerse yourself in a new city, culture, and community. This enriching experience can inspire and rejuvenate you, motivating you to return to your institution with fresh perspectives and renewed enthusiasm for your duties.

Knowledge and Skill Enhancement: The summit's presentations, workshops, and panel discussions provide access to the latest developments and advancements in the nursing profession. By attending, you can gain valuable insights and acquire new skills that can benefit your career and practice.and many more...

The Advancement of the nursing profession relies heavily on a clearly defined nurse role. Nurses are renowned for their dedication to delivering high-quality care and their enthusiasm for embracing new challenges. Considering the importance of this event, the Organizing Committee of the 29th World Congress on Nursing and Healthcare extends a warm invitation to you to participate in the Nursing Congress, scheduled for September 08-09, 2023 at London, UK with a Theme: “Novel Innovations and Advancement in Nursing and  Healthcare”.

The conference, supported by Conference Series through its Open Access Initiative, is dedicated to fostering genuine and reliable contributions to the scientific community. By participating in this event, you can actively contribute to the evolution of nursing and healthcare, driving progress and transformative developments in the field.


Conference Name

Conference Venue

Conference  Date

World Nursing Summit 2023

London , UK

September 08-09, 2023

The Conference Series organizes over 1200 conferences annually across the USA, Europe, and Asia, receiving support from 1100 scientific societies. They also publish more than 600 open access journals with over 100,000 distinguished personalities and reputed scientists serving as editorial board members.

The forthcoming Nursing Congress is set to host an assembly of eminent speakers, researchers, scientists, academicians, nurses, nursing practitioners, healthcare professionals, midwives, clinicians, and industry pioneers hailing from various corners of the globe.The event aims to showcase exceptional research that contributes to advancements in nursing practice, education, and management.

Participants will have the opportunity to network with fellow nursing professionals, researchers, and clinical practitioners. The conference will focus on evidence-based discoveries to enhance patient care quality, safety, and healthcare delivery on a global scale. Attendees can stay informed about current nursing practices and trends worldwide through keynote addresses, oral presentations, poster sessions, seminars, and networking opportunities over the two-day event.

This Nursing Congress is designed to benefit attendees from academic and clinical backgrounds, providing insights into emerging patterns, challenges, and administration in Nursing Practice and Research. Collaboration with nursing specialists from various countries will be encouraged, with a focus on discussing innovative approaches, new research fields, and effective nursing practices.

Internationally recognized nursing experts, renowned doctors, academic scientists, healthcare practitioners, and midwifery specialists will share their latest findings and achievements, enriching the program with their expertise. The World Nursing Summit 2023 promises attendees the chance to interact with top specialists in the field, gaining valuable knowledge and insights.


  1. Highlight research programs with practical implications.
  2. Explore the relationship between practice and clinical nursing research.
  3. Showcase successful examples of translating nursing research findings into practice.
  4. Provide opportunities for knowledge development in the nursing field.
  5. Foster collaborations and partnerships with educational, research, and clinical institutes.

Target Audience:

  1. CEOs and Directors of Associations and Societies.
  2. Scientists and Doctors.
  3. Professors and Nursing Lecturers.
  4. Nursing Students from major universities in London, UK.
  5. Nurses and Nurse Practitioners.
  6. Representatives from Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries.

By bringing together such a diverse and accomplished audience, the Nursing Congress seeks to drive progress and innovation in the nursing profession, ultimately benefiting patient care and healthcare systems worldwide.


The panel sessions will comprise experienced nurse researchers along with a response panel consisting of advanced practice nurses and nurse clinicians.

Important Dates for World Nursing Summit 2023:

Abstract Submission Deadline: August 25, 2023
First Phase Registration Deadline: August 30, 2023
Early Bird Registration Deadline: August 15, 2023

To secure your spot, please visit:

Group Registration (Minimum 5 members) can avail 20% waivers from the registration fee. Please email the Event Manager at [email protected] or contact via WhatsApp at +447362049945 with details of the 5 participants.

Thank you and Best Regards,

Rosaria Costa
Event Manager || World Nursing Summit 2023

Abstract Submission Guidelines for World Nursing Summit 2023:

Before submitting your abstract, kindly review the following guidelines:

If you wish to participate in the conference, you are required to submit an abstract.
The abstract should summarize your research.
Abstract submission can be done either via email or by using the provided link below.
Abstracts should align with the sessions/tracks listed on the conference website.

Note: The review process for submitted abstracts will take 2-3 working days.

Accepted abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings and the supporting journal.

Abstract Submission Website:

The amount of Nursing care provided by nurses in the United States keeps growing. By the end of the year, this segment's market share should reach 13.9%. The Capital market is anticipated to decline this year— Because of this, U.S. capital spending on nursing care increased by 12.1% in 2014 and 21.0% in 2015, totaling $43.58 billion, or more than half of all construction spending by the manufacturing sector. According to the organization that represents US-based nursing care, 1.6% total increase in US nursing care (excluding medicines) is anticipated in 2016, followed by 4.1% growth the following year and 5.0% in 2018. Through 2016, it is anticipated that U.S. nursing care capital ... More

Here are a few images from our conference: 

The primary objective of this conference is to extend a warm invitation to our esteemed guests for the upcoming event “27th World Congress on Nursing and Healthcare” scheduled to be held during August 2-3, 2021, in Chicago, USA. The conference provides a valuable platform for knowledge sharing and exchange.

As an international forum, it offers a range of opportunities for business delegates, including B2B meetings, poster presentations, workshops, symposia, and networking sessions. Exhibitors can benefit from extensive exposure and networking by showcasing their products and services. This event encourages attendees to present innovative ideas, new technologies, and recent research in the field of Nursing and Healthcare.

The WORLD NURSING SUMMIT 2021 features exceptional speakers who have contributed significantly to addressing challenges and emphasizing the importance of Nursing and healthcare-related issues.

As experts in Nursing and Healthcare, your participation in various interactive sessions will enrich the exchange of ideas and knowledge, fostering advancements in the field. We cordially invite you to be part of the International Organizing Committee, as Speakers, Keynote speakers, Young Research forum participants, Sponsors, and Exhibitors for World Nursing Summit 2021. Our goal is to curate an outstanding program that covers a wide spectrum of research and innovations in Nursing and Healthcare, sharing cross-cultural experiences and best practices.

World Nursing Summit 2021 will include Oral Presentations, Poster Presentations, Workshops, Exhibitions, and interactive networking sessions. Based on feedback from esteemed Speakers, we have introduced new Session tracks such as Tumour Nursing, Nurse Practitioner, Trauma and Critical Care Nursing, Advanced Nursing, Critical Care and Emergency Nursing, Dermatology Nursing, Evidence-Based Nursing Practice, Forensic Nursing, Nursing Education, and many more.

After the successful completion of Nursing Summit 2021, we anticipate an overwhelming response and support from Doctors, Nursing Professionals, Young researchers, Students, Delegates, Directors, and other Healthcare-related companies for the forthcoming World Nursing Summit 2023 on September 08-09, 2023, in London, UK. Together, let's make this congress a resounding success and a landmark event of 2023.

Come and be a part of the Nursing 2023 team in the captivating city of the United Kingdom as we come together to organize an exceptional professional event.

Contact us
Rosaria Costa
Event Manager || World Nursing Summit 2023
Email: [email protected]

For conference attendance, participants are required to apply for a business visa. To obtain the necessary visa, individuals should get in touch with the Embassy in London or the nearest travel agency to acquire the relevant application form. It is crucial to adhere to all the visa application guidelines and procedures provided by the appropriate authorities to ensure a smooth process.

Please note that all visas for travel to or via London, UK, must be handled exclusively by the designated authorities, and valid documentation should be submitted through the correct channels. Failure to comply with the required documents or regulations may result in the cancellation of the visa by the relevant authorities.

The minimum supporting documentation needed for visa application to London, UK, includes:

  1. Letter of Invitation from the conference organizers.
  2. Abstract acceptance letter (for speakers).
  3. Receipt of registration payment for the conference.
  4. Letter of confirmation of accommodation, issued on the conference letterhead.

For any queries or concerns regarding the visa application process, kindly reach out to us via email at [email protected]. We are here to assist and provide necessary information.

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To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date September 08-09, 2023
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